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Connie Pham Bartels

Trusted Legal Expertise


About Connie

Connie Pham Bartels is one of the managing attorneys at The Bartels Law Firm, where she devotes her practice to client's estate, transactional, and business needs.


Connie's background includes extensive experience in business and government contract drafting, negotiating, and procurement.  Connie developed her significant experience in this area during her years of government service negotiating, drafting, and managing government contract agreements from small service agreements to government contracts of over one-hundred-million dollars. 


Connie eventually managed contract and finance divisions of several different organizations including Sound Transit, the City of Seattle, and, most recently, the City of Bellevue.  


Connie also devotes much of her practice addressing her clients' personal estate-planning needs including establishing and drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate-related legal instruments.  

While Connie has the experience and foundation to have been trusted with effectively negotiating and enforcing compliance of multi-million-dollar construction, services, and information-technology projects, she enjoys the personal attention she can give her individual clients and devoting her time to helping individuals plan for their futures.  For all legal document needs, large and small, Connie has the experience to do the job well and the passion to make sure that even small projects are tailored to her clients' individual and specific needs.  Connie looks forward to working with you!

 Education and Background

Connie was born in Vietnam and immigrated to Seattle at a young age.  After graduating from high school, Connie earned a scholarship to Seattle University where she earned her bachelor's degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice graduating Summa Cum Laude as the valedictorian of her major.   After graduating, Connie worked as a victim's restitution advocate at the King County Prosecuting Attorney's Office while simultaneously preparing for law school.  She then attended law school at Seattle University School of Law.

Connie upon graduating law school, Connie began her career at the City of Seattle as a Strategic Advisor.  Connie successfully transitioned to Sound Transit where she drafted, negotiated, and managed hundreds of millions of dollars of service, technical, and construction contracts.  Connie's expertise and effectiveness soon led to her promotion to a management position over her own procurement team.  Following her work at the Sound Transit, Connie transitioned to the City of Bellevue where she was the Division Manager of the Contracts, Disbursements, and the Accounting Group. 


Connie joined The Bartels Law Firm in 2019, where she assumed responsibilities as the firm's Managing Attorney and continued to serve our clients' business contracting, estate planning, and legal-transaction needs.  


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