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Meet The Bartels Law Firm Team


Jeremy Bartels

Jeremy Bartels is the founder of The Bartels Law Firm, where he represents clients in a variety of civil litigation contexts.  Jeremy's practice involves client representation at all stages of litigation in employment law, insurance law, personal injury and other complex litigation matters.

Jeremy is also honored to frequently serve as a Judge Pro Tempore for several Western-Washington jurisdictions.  A Judge Pro Tempore is an attorney entrusted by the elected or appointed judge to conduct court and perform the judge's duties and responsibilities when that judge is unable to do so.

Jeremy is an attorney because he has a passion for justice and because he loves to fight for the rights of people who have been wronged.  He considers it an honor to be entrusted with his client's important legal matters and looks forward to fighting hard for you.

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Connie Pham Bartels

Connie Pham Bartels is one of the managing attorneys at The Bartels Law Firm, where she devotes her practice to client's estate, transactional, and business needs.


Connie's background includes extensive experience in business and government contract drafting, negotiating, and procurement.  Connie developed her significant experience in this area during her years of government service negotiating, drafting, and managing government contract agreements from small service agreements to government contracts of over one-hundred-million dollars. 


Connie also devotes much of her practice addressing her clients' personal estate-planning needs including establishing and drafting wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other estate-related legal instruments.  

For all your legal needs, large and small, Connie has the experience to do the job well and the passion to make sure that even small projects are tailored to her clients' individual and specific needs.  Connie looks forward to working with you!

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